Living as a family

27 04 2010

WOW, my mom is gone and now we are truly learning what it means to be a family of our own.  This has been a great time of growth for myself and my family.

Amanda is great with Keona and me.  Last night I stated that amanda has two kids, Keona and me!  I know I am the father but to just hang out with my daughter, granted she doesn’t do much, I love it.  She is beautiful!  I often think during the day, God how amazing you are to create pure beauty with a messed up person like myself.

God is great and I am very tankful for his grace that he has and is giving me!

Keona is now 32 days old! Amazing!

Have a great day!


Back to WORK!

15 04 2010

Today was day 3 away from Amanda and Keona.  It was difficult yet seemed to be a bit easier knowing very well that Amanda is an amazing mother!  I love my wife! She has now not only been able to take care of me but now has been able to keep both me and Keona fed and cleaned!

Today after work we went out looking for a new diaper bag.  Why is it that they are not up to any of my standards? Is it all about how it looks? Because I feel that fashion has taken the priority over necessity.  Or have I just gone mad?  At the end of our semi-fruitful shopping mission we found a cute hat that we just had to take a picture with her.  I say with her due to the fact that if we tried to put it on her it would have consumed her head, face and maybe her upper body.  So I thought it would be a great pic.

that hat is bigger than her!

This outing was a great time for myself.  I feel like I got to connect with my wife and just hang out.  I love it. It has given me some fuel to keep going. Thank you my love for getting me out shopping with you.  And thanks for sharing a strawberry smoothie from surf city squeeze.


Our New Addition

14 04 2010

On March 26, 2010 Amanda gave birth to the bundle of joy that God has blessed us with.  Her name is Keona Uluwehi Evangeline He Ping. She came out weighing 6 pounds and 3 ounces, and stretching out to a full 19 inches.  Not so bad for coming out 3 weeks early.  Now she is roughly 6 pounds thanks to a scale given to us from the Ferraro’s. Thank you!

I know this may be short but I want to think that it is sweet. So I don’t feel so bad.  I will get back to you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.


A New Dad!

Sitting at our house

11 06 2009

Just sitting and waiting for our floor guys to either come back to finish or let me know that they are not coming back so I can lock up and leave.  What is it that we strive for in our houses?  Some strive to have what others don’t and others like me just want to make it live-able.

Right now our carpet and kitchen floor people finished the carpet in our bedroom yet have left and not finished the kitchen floors.  On top of that they left the house wide open.  What were they thinking?

Mothers Day

11 05 2009

Today we went to church in the am and now are back the night service. This is the actual service that we attend. I am excited to hear what God has to say through Pastor Nathan.
It is also my brothers birthday today. Yes he was born on mothers day. I think wow what a great mothers day gift. The joy of labor. Thank you Mom for my younger brother.

AVP Finals in Riverside

20 04 2009

It was amazing. Great blocks, awesome digs, and pounding spikes off of blocks shanked digs and my favorite, off of the blockers HEAD/FACES. I wish I got a picture of them.  But I do have other pictures and they will be here soon. I hope!  I want to thank my sister for amazing tickets for each day.  My friends all benefited.  Thanks Stacy!


19 04 2009

Watching the AVP is amazing.  I hope that they come back to Riverside every year.  I think that it is a great venue for the city and for the culture that we have her in riverside.  I feel that there are not many families that get to experience the life of beach volleyball and by having the AVP hosted by riverside in downtown I love it.  To see professional athletes competing in our city it is a amazing.  Did I say that it was amazing.  I am thinking about going back for tonights session.  Well it is down to eight teams and four of them have not even lost their first match.

Bring it!